The Dandenong Chess Club promotes the enjoyment of chess for all members, visiting participants, and supporters. The club organizes various tournaments for all skill levels and provides services to enhance chess skills. A safe and supportive environment is crucial for the enjoyment of chess, with a particular focus on ensuring the safety and well-being of the children who attend. The environment must always remain free from abuse, which can manifest in various forms, including physical, sexual, emotional, and neglect.

The Dandenong Chess Club has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards any form of abuse.

To monitor child safety and prevent abuse, the Dandenong Chess Club will:

  • Ensure that adults overseeing activities involving children possess an approved “Working With Children” clearance.
  • Review child safety matters at each Committee meeting.
  • Take appropriate actions in case of a breach of this policy, including counseling, informal or formal warnings, club bans, or referral to the police or other relevant authorities.

Any behavioural concerns should be immediately raised with the arbiter in charge of an event or any committee member.