Congratulations to all the Dandenong Club Championship 2023 winners.

Champion   Miodrag M.
2nd        Milenko L.
3rd        Goran I.

Rating Group 1
Champion   Akshayan M.
2nd        Abdul A.
3rd        Rahmatulla L.

Champion   Mason C.
2nd        Nolan L. (=2nd)
           James M. (=2nd)

Thank you everyone on a fantastic journey for this year’s club championship!

We knew last year’s champion Miodrag was the main candidate for the seventh title of our very prestigious competition but he did have a big task to beat our top junior Nolan (this year fourth place junior under 10 category in Australia). 

Our best junior in this tournament Mason did his best tournament ever reaching 5 points which put him in the group of very experienced players sharing 4th place in the whole tournament.

We in Dandenong Junior Chess Centre are extremely proud of their results. 

This year we have seen a lot of previous members returning to our club to compete in the club championship. Having 40+ participants in the last two competitions makes us confident that we are doing a good job at strengthening chess in our local area.